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Karen Dorwart


With a career spanning more than twenty years in the event industry, Karen is the driving force behind Meetup. Her strategic vision and deep industry expertise have guided countless clients to extraordinary success.

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Karen Dorwart
Business Speaker

Business Speaker

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Karen Dorwart

The London University of Applied Sciences

With a rich history of over twenty years in the event planning and coordination industry, Alexandra takes the helm as the visionary leader at Meetup Dynamics. Her strategic outlook and astute business acumen have guided countless clients towards remarkable achievements. As the driving force of the company, she ensures that Meetup Dynamics consistently pioneers industry trends and innovation.

Why Our Distinguished Event Speaker Stands Out:

  • Expertise Across the Event Spectrum: A deep understanding of various event types and industries provides invaluable insights.
  • Mastery of Event Strategies: Crafting successful event plans and execution is their specialty.Financial Savvy: Ensuring financial stability and profitability is key to a thriving event.
  • Operational Excellence: Efficiency and productivity are their guiding principles in event management.
  • Client-Centered Approach: Your event's success is their top priority. Our speaker collaborates closely with you, dedicating time to understand your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations.
  • Proven Event Track Record: Our speaker holds a time-honored history of assisting events of all scales in overcoming challenges and realizing their objectives.
How Our Accomplished Event Speaker Can Benefit You:

Whether you aim to expand your event's impact, streamline logistics, or chart a new strategic direction, our Event Speaker is your trusted resource. They provide hands-on guidance, data-driven insights, and a results-driven approach to empower your event to thrive in a competitive landscape.

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